online lessons

Online lessons open up opportunities for new types of vocal and musical exploration! However, some equipment is needed to make it work well.

What you need for online lessons:

  1. Bare Minimum: 25 megabit WiFi connection. A fiber connection is better.
  2. A private room for lessons that family members will respect and where you feel you can sing out.
  3. Two screens-computer, smart phone, iPad/Tablet all work.
  4. Bluetooth cpeaker connected to one of those devices.
  5. A Music Player App on the device connected to the speaker (more specifics later)
  6. Zoom Downloaded on computer or viewing device. (Facetime is ok, too, but it does not allow me to share some documents and other things, so I do prefer Zoom)
  7. Viewing computer/screen needs to be at shoulder/eye level so you're not looking down.
  8. Music Stand
  9. Light Behind your computer (in front of your face), so I can see you.
  10. A binder for paper versions of your music and loose paper to make notes and record your practice time.

Best: Same as above, but include a good external microphone and a direct connection to Router from your computer (Ethernet cable)

  • I understand this can be a tall order, so please know, I will work with you and what you have!